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We take pride in our exceptional guest experience and connections with real women in a fun, uplifting environment. We treat our clients like long lost friends and they take the best care of us. If this sounds like something that resonates with you, we'd love to hear from you!

The success at Dollhouse Sugar Studio is built around these 6 core values and create the foundation of our culture.

1. We work really, really hard and live well. No job is below you. When we are at work we give our all not only to our clients, but to our team members and our tasks. When we are away from the studio, we live a beautiful life and reconnect with our personal values. We strive to accomplish our work during work hours, and believe in being present where our feet stand. When at work we are crushing the goals we have set for ourselves.


2. We are changing the competitive nature of the beauty industry. We believe in community over competition. We pitch in. We help whenever and wherever we can. We strive to be a company filled with people who are more different than alike. Understanding that our differences make us a stronger team. Supporting, uplifting, and encouraging team members and clients is what we do every day. Everyone is a friend, everyone is a sister. We are inclusive. We are kind to everyone and friends with anyone.


3. Better than yesterday, we are growth minded. We believe that our only competition is with who we were yesterday. We love constantly learning, personal development, and living a life you love. We celebrate achieving our milestones, and cheer on team members and clients as they celebrate their own.


4. We are self-starters, life-long learners, and strive for candid and constructive feedback in order to grow. We set the standard for what it means to show up for others. We believe in asking how can I help. We wear a smile and show kindness whenever we are interacting with another person.


5. We will do whatever it takes to show our clients they are our number one. We believe in the saying “last one, best one”. 

We understand that our last client of the day might not get the ultimate experience as the first guest of the day but they will always get our best effort.


6. We assume the role of the educator when in the studio, and eagerly give our knowledge knowing that good skin condition goes beyond the treatment room. We know by doing this it allows clients to receive the very best results at each appointment, allowing our business to grow.

Current positions available:

Full time Esthetician

Part time Esthetician

Please write a sentence or two about why you would be a good fit for our studio.

We want to hear from you about why you want to work here.

Tell us about your life today and your goals

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