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not-so-secret-Dollhouse Santa


How it works:
Send a custom box of full-size skincare products, facial slimming and extractor tools to your Dr. Pimple Popper obsessed friend or anyone you aren't able see this Holiday season!
Box options:
Dollhouse Big Box


treatment serum or mask

facial slimming tool

blackhead extractor

$25 Dollhouse Sugar Studio gift card

$100 + tax

Dollhouse Small Box

mystery serum, mask, cleanser or moisturizer

blackhead extractor

$25 Dollhouse Sugar Studio gift card

$50 + tax

Dollhouse Bundle Box
tell us what you need (orders of $50+), we'll wrap it, ship it and have it nestled nicely under their tree
Unsure what their skin type is?
Don't worry, our Estie-elves will choose the perfect products!
Once you submit your order:
Your box will be shipped or delivered locally by our elves the second week of December. We will contact you for payment after we receive your order form.*if you prefer a pickup option or need it sooner, please write that in the comments section of the order form.
Order Form
Box Size
Main Skin Concern

Thanks for submitting!

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